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Caterham Super SevenCaterham Super SevenCaterham Super SevenCaterham Super SevenCaterham Super SevenCaterham Super Seven

Super Seven - 1996

British racing green

Crosflow engine with twin 40 webers

5 speed gearbox

4 point harness

Removable steering wheel

Full weather equiptment provided


  • 2 Day Rate
  • Weekly Rate
  • Any Extra Day
  • 1 Nights stay at our Guesthouse including hearty breakfast
    £50 per person
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Caterham Super Seven

The Caterham Seven is a real driver’s car and a little bit different from the rest of our fleet. A development of Colin Chapman’s 1950’s Lotus Seven and is still being produced by Caterham.

Our British Racing Green is fitted with the famous crossflow engine with twin 40 webers. It makes all the noise of a sports car should, fitted with a  5 speed box and 4 point harness with a removable steering wheel to aid entry and exit.

It is a small car and would not suit a larger person; it is a sort of 4 wheeled motorcycle and comes with full weather equipment. This car isn’t for the shy and retiring type of person it definitely suits the fun loving thrill seekers, it is about as close to the road as you can get without actually sitting on it, basic motoring at its best.

This is the only car we restrict the miles on you get 150 miles included in the price for the day.

Notes on the Caterham

  • The cockpit is narrow and small, anyone over 6ft tall (1.82m) or weighing more than 14st (89Kg) will not fit in the car.
  • The pedals are narrow and close together so the driver will need to wear very narrow shoes or trainers. 
  • There is very limited luggage storage space, just enough space for one small holdall under the tonneau.

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